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Depressed doctors commit more medical errors

Doctors in Connecticut may experience depression just like anyone else. However, when a doctor is feeling down, patients may be at an increased risk of harm from medical errors. According to a recent meta-analysis of studies, doctors who experience depressive symptoms admit to making more medical errors in their practice. Researchers also found that doctors who have made medical mistakes in the past might be more likely to become depressed.

What distinguishes missed diagnosis from misdiagnosis?

We trust our doctors to inform us if we have a medical problem. Unfortunately, we may not always get the correct information about our health. Some Connecticut patients are given a misdiagnosis or a missed diagnosis. These are not the same, yet they both inaccurately describe a person’s condition and could lead to tragic consequences. Very Well Health distinguishes the two from each other and explains how they work.

Advocating for your health and safety with confidence

Visiting the doctor is probably not something that you would think you should spend time preparing for. While you may have a brief list of questions to discuss, you may be comfortable leaving most of your health needs in the hands of your health care provider. At HHS Lawyers, we are committed to helping educate people in Connecticut about the importance of protecting their safety and well-being when they are seeking medical treatment. 

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is just as real as any other kind of surgery. If wrongly performed, plastic surgery can cause serious health complications as well as emotional distress, plus added medical expenses to try and get it right the next time. That is why when you look for a Connecticut plastic surgeon, you should do all you can to make sure your surgeon is the right match.

How can you better understand your prescription medication?

If you have had to visit your health care provider in Connecticut to get help managing symptoms that have been causing you discomfort, you may have been prescribed some type of medication to facilitate your healing. The success of the treatment that your doctor has recommended will be dependent on your ability to take your medication the correct way. 

What should I know about informed consent?

Perhaps the most important right of a patient is to be able to make his or her own choices regarding medical treatment. This right is part of the concept of informed consent. If you are to make the best decisions concerning your health, your Connecticut physician should give you all the information you need so you can make those choices.

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