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Winter holidays followed by annual divorce spike

Few people in Connecticut may associate the holiday season with divorce. Instead, the winter holidays are often linked to family gatherings and togetherness. However, the holidays may be one major reason why divorce rates consistently rise every year in January. Even as overall national divorce rates show a steady decline, January brings with it a spike in marital dissolutions on an annual basis. People may have different reasons for ending their marriage with the new year, but many of them follow up on holiday celebrations.

How women can protect themselves financially in divorce

Women in Connecticut who divorce are more likely than men to see a drop in their income and are at greater risk of ending up in poverty. For these reasons, women should be particularly careful about their finances throughout the divorce process. Before the divorce, they should make sure they have copies of financial paperwork, such as tax returns, bank statements and other documentation about their assets.

Reviewing parental relocation requirements

One of the more difficult aspects of divorce is acclimating to your new familial circumstances. Not having your spouse at home anymore no doubt imposes a sense of distance between them and your children (it may be likewise with you when your kids are with them). The feeling will no doubt amplify if the need to relocate arises. Clients have come to us here at Harris Harris & Schmid with all number of reasons why they wish (or need) to move away: to advance their careers, to further a new relationship or to be closer to family. Whatever your reason may be, you need to understand what the state of Connecticut requires when it comes to parental relocation.

What expenditures are acceptable with child support?

You are likely to feel conflicting emotions when you begin receiving child support. The relief of getting financial assistance in caring for your children can war with uncertainty over how to spend the money. You may also have questions that are not uncommon to Connecticut residents in the same situation. Can my ex tell me how to spend the money or demand receipts? Will the court monitor my child support spending?

What should I know about splitting marital debt?

Debt can be a big concern for divorcing couples in Connecticut. The Nutmeg State is an equitable distribution state, which means a judge will divide up marital property based on the contribution of each spouse toward the marriage. You can expect a state judge to apply the same standard to the amount of marital debt that a couple has accumulated during a marriage.

Dealing with anxiety over your divorce

Ending a marriage can be hard, and this is particularly true for couples who have a significant amount of wealth or a number of kids. Even those who do not have any children and live more modestly may have a great deal of uncertainty and face various challenges as they work through the divorce process. However, there are ways that people can make their divorce easier, such as addressing negative emotions they are experiencing in a healthy manner. For example, if you have anxiety due to an upcoming divorce, or even if you are already in the midst of the process, there are ways you may be able to deal with these emotions.

What are some mistakes in divorce?

Getting a divorce is never an easy process, but you may make things harder on yourself if you make mistakes along the way. While your attorney in Connecticut will be there to assist and guide you, there are some things out of your attorney's control that are left completely up to you. CNBC explains there are certain things you may control that you may do wrong, which could lead to trouble in your divorce.

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