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Case Results

$750,000.00+ jury verdict following trial and rejection of insurance company and defendant settlement offers. Client suffered arm fractures and closed head injury after leaving restaurant, when he was attacked by a restaurant patron. Successfully argued for an award of damages for reckless conduct, which damages were awarded by the jury.

$130,000.00 settlement for client who stumbled in hole in paved parking area injuring her knee. Hairline fracture of tibial plateau without surgery, but possibility of early onset of arthritis in knee results in favorable settlement of claim.

$180,000.00 settlement for hip fracture in elderly pedestrian who was bumped into and knocked over by car backing up on retail parking lot. Firm was able to secure video evidence of the incident from private security video footage, which proved to be powerful evidence against the driver of the car who denied striking the pedestrian.

Divorce case trial resulting in distribution of majority of marital assets to client. The firm performed aggressive cross examination focusing on infidelity during marriage, fraudulent transfer of assets and improper financial disclosure to persuade the court to award majority of marital assets to our client. Litigation spanned several years with client having several lawyers before hiring the firm, which brought the matter to a quick conclusion.

Undisclosed settlement of contested motor vehicle crash, where defendant driver performed illegal U-turn in front of client’s vehicle resulting in personal injuries. Defendant abruptly slowed down to perform unexpected U-turn thereby causing our client, who was traveling immediately behind the defendant driver, to strike the back of the other defendant driver’s vehicle causing plaintiff’s neck and back injuries.

$130,000.00+ arbitration award against drunk driver who was represented by Progressive Insurance Company and/or any of its affiliate companies. Firm used prejudgment remedy procedure to discover defendant driver’s assets. Our client suffered low back, neck and pelvis strains following rear-end type motor vehicle collision where defendant driver was found to be intoxicated. Firm used arbitration testimony of arresting officer, examination of DUI records, and crash scene evidence to prove client’s case and convince arbitrator that defendant’s conduct was reckless, thereby making him liable for double or treble damages under Connecticut law. Last settlement offer from Progressive Insurance Company? $30,000.00.

“Innocent Dog” — Client’s good tempered canine pet allegedly involved in biting incident, resulting in arrest of client who was dog’s owner. Firm was able to prove that alleged canine assault was caused by unknown canine who fled scene, that canine was not aggressive, had no prior history, and that it was not in his character to attack or bite other dogs or people. All charges dismissed.

$280,000.00 judgment following court trial — Wheelchair-bound elderly patient allowed to roll off and down stairs at the front of her house. Court trial judgment in the amount of $280,000.00+ awarded against negligent nursing home health aide. Firm argued that elderly individuals who require the assistance of home health aides so that they can remain in their homes, rather than a nursing home, should be held to the same standards of care applicable to nursing home facilities. Defendant’s settlement offer? $0.

Dog bite — Judgment issue in favor of client in the amount of $40,000.00 following court hearing. Client sustained two leg scars following attack by canine at friend’s residence. Defendant’s homeowner’s insurance paid for all medical bills, scar and pain and suffering.

$400,000.00+ financial recovery following suit for breach of contract. Plaintiff’s case was previously rejected by law firms for being difficult or impossible to win. A problem with the plaintiff’s claim was the fact that the debt had gone unpaid for many years and was considered “stale” and possibly uncollectible. Firm quickly filed suit and recommended that our client proceed with prejudgment remedy attachment of real estate involved in dispute. Matter settled before trial for full amount of plaintiff’s claim with interest.

Successful settlement of litigation involving hostile work environment where plaintiff employee was wrongfully terminated and bullied during working hours. Claim involved violation of client’s workers’ compensation rights for injuries sustained while in the course of his employment, including denial of medical care, threats of termination if workers’ compensation claim pursued, and failure to comply with light duty requirements. Case successfully settled before trial.

Undisclosed settlement — Negligence involving post-operative Norwalk Hospital patient, who fell while using bathroom unattended striking his head and injuring his neck. Patient was in post-surgical recovery room day after surgery performed. Case settled before trial.

$250,000.00 arbitration award against driver who struck pedestrian while in a crosswalk. Driver represented by Allstate Insurance Company for injuries sustained by pedestrian including back, neck and arm injuries. Driver argued that pedestrian was not in the crosswalk and that she did not strike the plaintiff. Driver’s insurance company — Allstate Insurance — initially denied liability for the claim. Allstate’s highest offer through and including the date of the arbitration was less than $10,000.00.

$60,000.00+ awarded to tenant against landlord for failure to return security deposit. Although security deposit was $18,000.00, court awarded damages under the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act (CUTPA), including a finding and award of punitive damages, treble damages and interest and plaintiff’s attorney’s fees. Although landlord returned most of the security deposit before trial, firm was able to successfully argue that Connecticut’s statutes require return of ALL of the security deposit within thirty days, that partial return insufficient, that CUTPA damages must be applied, along with attorney’s fees and interest.

$260,000.00 settlement following plaintiff pedestrian’s fall while crossing street. Defendant claimed that driver’s car never struck plaintiff, and that injuries to elderly pedestrian were exaggerated. Firm was able to secure witness testimony from nearby retail store personnel who witnessed some or all of the incident, which provided evidence of the car striking the pedestrian, which permitted favorable settlement for plaintiff.

Successfully concluded 12+ year conclusion to multifaceted divorce litigation involving child custody, property division, sale of marital residence, retirement account division and allegations of wrongdoing. The firm was able to bring this long-running litigation to a successful conclusion by preparing comprehensive analysis and summaries of complicated financial information spanning many years, development of accurate financial affidavits and compelling evidence of wrongdoing by opposing party.

$32,000.00+ award following judge trial for damages to rental house following eviction litigation against defaulting tenant claiming past due rent, attorney’s fees, damages and interest.

$300,000.00 settlement involving unpaid invoices — successful negotiation and resolution of long-standing unpaid debt due to client. Case involved several year-old unpaid invoices. Threat of litigation encouraged debtor to pay full amount due.

$750,000.00 settlement following nonbinding mediation against Housing Authority for failure of security measures at housing complex. Our security expert determined that door lock system was insufficient, had been defeated by lack of attention to security measures already in place. Determined that housing authority had knowledge that security measures not being enforced and insufficient.

$30,000.00 award where plaintiff struck by municipal snow plow causing soft-tissue injuries.

Order of ex parte custody order successfully resolved in multistate litigation involving UCJEA litigation awarding custody of minor child to plaintiff.

Pregnancy discrimination litigation in the United States District court for the District of Connecticut demanding plaintiff’s re-employment, awarding back wages, attorney’s fees and damages.

Family court litigation regarding parent-plus student loans, resulting in favorable resolution of dispute between parents of college-aged children.

Undisclosed sum: Slip and fall — Walmart litigation resulting in favorable result for client.

Division of real estate between contesting parties — successful litigation involving partition of real property, where client retained real property that was in dispute, on favorable terms to client. Defendant had sought sale of real property, however, firm was able to resolve the litigation before trial, thereby allowing client to retain real property in her name alone.

Successful representation of military personnel in child custody case resulting in restoration of visitation for father following years of custodial interference. Military status involved extended periods of time when father was not able to see his children. Litigation resulted in long-term order enforcing father’s rights, establishing fair child support orders, and re-establishing visitation rights.

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