A two-car accident on River Road in Shelton is leaving police scratching their heads about the exact cause. The accident involved a BMW carrying three people in addition to the drive and a Toyota RV4. Two people in the BMW were killed in the collision, but no one in the Toyota required extensive medical care.

The collision occurred a few yards from the entrance to River Bank Park, a small green space between River Road and the Housatonic River. According to police at the scene, the driver and one passenger in the BMW succumbed to their injuries at the scene. Another passenger in the BMW was hospitalized and is in critical condition. The driver of the Toyota was treated for his injuries at the scene and released.

The force of the accident appears to have been considerable. Bark was stripped from two trees at least six feet off the ground. Shards of metal and plastic littered the street and the sloping river bank. Police said that the investigation was being handled by the city’s Traffic Division. Police would not comment on whether they suspect that drugs or alcohol were involved or whether any criminal charges will be filed. Also, police did not provide any information about when their investigation is likely to be concluded.

This accident, like many, will take accident reconstruction experts to untangle exactly what happen. Police did not provide any information about who may have been at fault for the accident. Anyone who has suffered an injury or lost a loved one in a similar accident may wish to consult an experienced personal injury attorney for an evaluation of the evidence and an estimate of the likelihood of recovering damages.