Medical mistakes are dangerous events that put the lives of Connecticut residents at risk. What makes medical mistakes so tragic is that most of them can easily be avoided by hospitals, doctors, and other care providers. This overview of medical mistakes is not intended to be used as medical or legal advice and is offered only to provide its readers with information on this serious topic.

Medical mistakes can happen at any point in a patient’s intake into a medical facility or hospital. For example, the misinterpretation of a patient’s medical history may result in wrong information in their medical chart on which decisions about their care are based. The failure of medical providers to comprehensively assess their patients’ health may result in diagnoses based on incomplete information.

Medical mistakes can occur when doctors and medical staff negligently care for their patients. Negligence can include not taking the time to read a patient’s health history or checking to make sure that they are treating the right patient for the right ailment. Mistakes can even happen in the context of surgery, such as when a doctor performs the wrong operation on a suffering individual.

Medical mistakes are often grounded in fault and may give patients the opportunity to sue based on their losses. Building a case based on medical mistakes can be tricky but is often possible with the help and support of a knowledgeable attorney. From infants hurt during the labor and delivery process to aging individuals fighting to maintain their quality of life, anyone can be harmed by a medical mistake and may suffer due to the acts or omissions of their medical care providers.