If you have recently suffered injuries in an accident involving a tractor-trailer or other large truck, chances are your injuries are significant, perhaps life-altering. This is understandable since a tractor-trailer can weigh up to 20 times the weight of an average passenger vehicle. It is not unusual for victims of such accidents to suffer catastrophic injuries that require extensive medical treatment and lifelong aftercare.

Because of this, you may be considering taking your case to civil court to try to obtain compensation for your injuries. However, you should understand that accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles can be complex, and determining the cause can be a hefty undertaking since there are likely numerous contributing factors.

Common reasons for truck accidents

Truckers traveling through Connecticut have to deal with increasing congestion, unpredictable weather and unfamiliar roads. An inexperienced driver may have difficulty navigating these issues, and this can result in high risk for you and others on the streets and highways. An inexperienced driver behind the wheel of a big rig can be the result of poor hiring practices or inadequate training on the part of the driver’s employer. Other common factors in truck accidents include:

  • Poorly loaded cargo, which can increase the chances of a truck tipping, jackknifing or spilling debris
  • Malfunctioning air brakes, which a mechanic or truck owner may have overlooked or ignored
  • Poorly maintained trucks, which can lead to equipment failure a trucker cannot control
  • Impairment behind the wheel, which implicates the trucker but may also reflect on the hiring and screening practices of the trucker’s employer
  • Fatigue, which is common among long haul truckers, especially when trucking companies place unreasonable demands on them
  • Distraction, which causes more accidents than even impaired driving and can include texting, eating and drinking, or programming navigational devices

Of course, many truck accidents involve other vehicles. It is possible that the accident that left you injured occurred because the driver of another passenger vehicle acted recklessly, such as cutting off the truck or passing on the wrong side.

As you can see, you may be dealing with several entities whose actions led to your injuries, pain and suffering. If your goal is to pursue justice through the civil courts, you will want to maximize the compensation you seek by examining every possible factor. With the assistance of a skilled and determined attorney, you may improve your chances of meeting your goals.