One of the more difficult aspects of divorce is acclimating to your new familial circumstances. Not having your spouse at home anymore no doubt imposes a sense of distance between them and your children (it may be likewise with you when your kids are with them). The feeling will no doubt amplify if the need to relocate arises. Clients have come to us here at Harris Harris & Schmid with all number of reasons why they wish (or need) to move away: to advance their careers, to further a new relationship or to be closer to family. Whatever your reason may be, you need to understand what the state of Connecticut requires when it comes to parental relocation.

According to the Connecticut Judicial Branch, if you wise to relocate (and your relocation would have a significant impact on your current parenting plan), it falls to you to prove the following:

  • That your relocation is for a legitimate purpose
  • That the proposed relocation is reasonable in light of that purpose
  • That the relocation would be in your kids’ best interest

The court considers many factors when determining what is in the best interest of your children. It has been almost universally recognized, however, that it is always preferable for kids to have easy access to both of their parents. If your proposed relocation could impact your ex-spouse’s time with the kids (or place a financial burden on them to have to travel to see the children), then the chances of your relocation being fully approved (without significantly altering your custodial time) may be hindered. It is recommended that you work with your ex-spouse to come up with a new agreement that is favorable for both of you.

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