Across the nation and in Connecticut, many agencies and advocacy groups have worked tirelessly to increase awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Unfortunately, it seems that far too many people in Connecticut refuse to pay attention or heed these warnings. Instead, they make selfish and reckless choices that result in tragedy for others. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the state’s drunk driving fatalities comprise a much heftier percentage of overall traffic fatalities than the national average.

In 2017, an average of 29% of all accident fatalities in the U.S. were attributed to alcohol. In Connecticut, 43% of all traffic deaths involved alcohol. That year, 120 people in Connecticut died at the hands of drunk drivers, out of a total 278 fatalities due to all factors. Looking back over the previous four years, impaired drivers claimed anywhere from 37% to 44% of all lives lost in traffic accidents. Again, this far exceeds the national averages which ranged between 29% and 31%.

In Fairfield County, the picture is no better. In 2017, the county recorded 59 total accident deaths. Alcohol was a factor in 28 of those deaths. This means that more than 47% of the county’s accident fatalities were caused by drunk drivers.

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