You are likely to feel conflicting emotions when you begin receiving child support. The relief of getting financial assistance in caring for your children can war with uncertainty over how to spend the money. You may also have questions that are not uncommon to Connecticut residents in the same situation. Can my ex tell me how to spend the money or demand receipts? Will the court monitor my child support spending?

These valid concerns deserve answers. Fortunately, as FindLaw explains, your ex-spouse will not be permitted to dictate your child support spending or to see receipts. The family law court will also not keep tabs on your spending. However, you may wish for some guidance on what is considered appropriate child support spending.

As you know, child support is meant for your children’s benefit. You may choose to spend the money on essentials, such as food, clothing, medicine and doctor’s visits. It is also normal for child support to help you pay rent, utilities and other expenses that keep your children comfortable and sheltered. You may also choose to spend it on school supplies, tuition and extracurricular activities, as well as to save a portion of your child support for college funds or emergencies.

It may surprise you to learn that you can also build memories with your children by using part of your child support on something fun like a birthday gift, movie ticket or family night at a restaurant. The important thing is that you are using the funds to keep your children healthy and happy. This information, however, is not meant as legal advice.