Going through a divorce can be difficult for anyone to endure. For parents, the process can be more difficult, especially when considering the care of their children.

For this reason, the courts require parents to put a parenting plan in place. A few key aspects can aid in creating a proper parenting plan when going through a divorce.


Creating a parenting plan out of court can be beneficial in a few different ways. It allows parents to maintain control and reach a decision in a quicker, more cost-effective manner. However, for it to work, parents must properly communicate with one another and work together. Focusing on the common goal of meeting the children’s needs may aid parties in finding appropriate communication methods.


In a valid parenting plan, certain aspects must be covered:

  • Visitation and custody schedule
  • Dispute resolution 
  • Designations for decision-making
  • Accommodation provisions

Starting with the responsibility plan that the state provides can help ensuring parents cover all necessary bases. However, every situation is different, so parties may add additional terms if both sides agree.


As with any other aspect of a divorce, the court must approve the plan before it becomes legally binding. Parties may work with an attorney to make sure the paperwork is in proper order before submitting it to the court. This can help to eliminate or limit adjustments that the judge may decide to make. 

Along with meeting all court requirements, a proper parenting plan should focus on the needs of the children. Keeping this in mind and working towards that goal together can aid in expediting the process and making the transition easier for the children.