Visiting the doctor is probably not something that you would think you should spend time preparing for. While you may have a brief list of questions to discuss, you may be comfortable leaving most of your health needs in the hands of your health care provider. At HHS Lawyers, we are committed to helping educate people in Connecticut about the importance of protecting their safety and well-being when they are seeking medical treatment. 

While your doctor has spent considerable time receiving the education that has prepared him or her to treat people, you should also remember that they are just as prone to human error as any other professional. If your doctor has received misinformation, is negligent in any way or is fatigued from working long hours, the chances that you will be the victim of a medical error could be exponentially higher. As such, it is critical that you advocate for your health and safety by being an active participant in your medical treatment and care. 

According to U.S. News, a second opinion is one way that you can protect yourself. This step enables you to get an additional opinion which is important in case you were misdiagnosed the first time. Additionally, never be afraid to ask your doctor questions and to discuss your concerns about health conditions and your treatment. Maintaining your own medical records complete with the medications you are taking and the symptoms you are experiencing can also be helpful for your reference when you go to the doctor. 

When you take action to protect your well-being and are engaged in your medical treatment, you may be more confident about your safety. For more information about medical malpractice, visit our web page.