Motor vehicle collisions of any kind can be devastating, but those involving large trucks can be especially tragic. These accidents frequently claim lives due to the size of large trucks, and even when victims do not pass away they frequently sustain serious injuries that permanently disrupt their lives. Whether a large truck driver has difficulty slowing down due to the size of their vehicle or they slam into another vehicle at a high rate of speed, these accidents often bring significant consequences in Connecticut and across the U.S. As a result, truck drivers and all other drivers should do what they can to avoid a crash.

Sometimes, large truck wrecks involve drivers recklessly operating a small passenger vehicle, such as someone who does not switch lanes properly. Many other wrecks involve negligent truck drivers, whether a trucker is under the influence, suffering from driver fatigue or distracted by their phone. Regardless of why a large truck accident happens, those involved may face a long road ahead. Injuries not only bring physical pain, but they can also lead to financial hardship because of hospital costs and taking time off of work to recover. Some people are never able to work again and they miss out on many aspects of life they used to enjoy.

Negligent truck drivers should be taken to court and held accountable, especially if their behavior causes someone to lose their life or sustain an injury. Regrettably, it is inevitable that more of these crashes will take place in the future.