One of your primary desires as parents is to keep your children safe. As the world grows ever more stressful, pressure comes from all directions. It is hard to think about every object that may prove harmful to your child when the family is rushing to and from work, day care, grocery shopping or school activities.

As children age, they become aware of danger and learn basic safety rules. Younger children, however, are completely dependent on you to protect them. It may sound impossible, but it can only take seconds for your child to enter a danger zone. Small children move very quickly and erratically; they can run to the wrong place in the brief time it takes you to locate your cellphone on the kitchen counter and answer it.

Hidden danger with auto safety seats

You are careful to fasten your child correctly into the child safety seat and cinch down the restraining belts. Although you did everything correctly, your child slips out of the car seat and falls outside your vehicle during an accident. Any time an ejection occurs, your child can suffer grave injuries. How could this happen?

Auto industry safety experts finally discovered the hidden problem: When your child is wearing a puffy coat or thick sweater, you may think you have tightly cinched down the restraining straps; however, the coat fabric pushes against the belt creating a cushion layer that, upon vehicle impact, provides enough space for the child to slip out of the car seat. Always remove coats or heavy sweaters before you strap the child correctly into the car seat. If you prefer, you can then place a safety-approved blanket over the top of the restrained child. Dress the child in the coat when you arrive at your destination. 

Backover accidents are common

Your husband comes home from the office and greets his family. He picks up his two-year-old, hugs her, and puts her down. You ask him to run out for a grocery item you forgot. He goes outside, carefully checks all mirrors and backs out of the driveway. Feeling a small bump, he stops. Your toddler followed him outside and was standing behind the SUV. The higher your vehicle’s profile, the harder it is to see a small child. Your child may also run behind a neighbor’s vehicle backing up.

Keep all doors closed and use child safety locks on them. Before you or an older family member leaves the house, make sure you are holding the child firmly by the hand, follow anyone who exits the house for any reason and lock the door immediately behind them. Never assume you “know” the child is safely inside the house. Children can slip outside in an instant. 

High chairs can tip and cause head injury

Your child’s growing body is top heavy. Never put a child in a high chair and pull it up to the kitchen or dining room table. Your child can scrunch up in the chair and kick against the table leg or edge, causing the chair to tip over before you can react. Even a fall from three feet can cause traumatic brain injury.

Check internet safety recall sites to make sure your child’s furniture or toys are not on the defective list. If your child is injured by a defective item, you have the right to recover damages. By being aware of these dangers, you can keep your child safe from common life-changing injuries or fatalities.