Getting a divorce is never an easy process, but you may make things harder on yourself if you make mistakes along the way. While your attorney in Connecticut will be there to assist and guide you, there are some things out of your attorney’s control that are left completely up to you. CNBC explains there are certain things you may control that you may do wrong, which could lead to trouble in your divorce.

One of those things is dipping into your retirement funds to pay for your living expenses or divorce-related expenses. You want to leave your retirement alone. Besides costly fees, you need this money down the road to live, so using it now is a bad choice.

You should also make sure that you have severed all financial ties to your spouse. Close any joint accounts you may have. Remove his or her name as the beneficiary or joint holder of accounts as well. This helps prevent your spouse form taking money or causing issues with your accounts.

Control your emotions when it comes to asset division. If you get too emotional, you make it more difficult to get through the division. If you cannot agree, remember a judge will split your assets for you, which may be less favorable than if you could agree outside of the courtroom.

Also, keep taxes in mind as you move through the divorce. You need to think about how the settlement will affect your taxes. In addition, know how taxes will affect the value of your assets.

Finally, make sure you do a complete asset review. If you do not include an asset in your petition, it will not make it into the settlement. This can cause a very uneven division of assets. This information is for your education and is not legal advice.