Most medical professionals work diligently to treat patients. Because doctors are human, though, they often make mistakes. If you have not received proper care, you may need to act quickly to protect yourself.

Here are five signs your doctor may have misdiagnosed your medical condition. 

1. Your doctor did not fully examine you 

Your physician should listen intently to your concerns and fully examine you. Nowadays, though, doctors often must see several patients every day. If your health care provider rushes through your examination, he or she may not have enough information to make an accurate diagnosis. 

2. Your doctor did not perform necessary tests 

If you have a serious condition, your doctor may not be able to discover it without conducting some tests. That is, a physical examination only gives a physician limited information. If your doctor does not order the right tests, you may never find out what is making you feel sick. 

3. Your doctor does not have enough help 

Doctors are often only as good as their staff. If your doctor does not have enough help, he or she may be too busy to research your symptoms and properly diagnose your medical condition. 

4. Your medication does not make you feel better 

Medicine has advanced significantly in the past few decades. As such, there is a good chance a prescription can improve your condition. If the medication your physician prescribed does not make you feel better, though, you may not have the right diagnosis. 

5. Another doctor gave you a different diagnosis 

Your health is probably the most important thing to you. As such, there is never anything wrong with seeking a second opinion. If a different doctor diagnoses you with a different condition, there is a good chance the original physician made a mistake.   

If you are sick, your primary objective is to feel better. While you can probably trust your doctor to act both professionally and diligently, you must remember that doctors do not always correctly diagnose illness. By watching out for some of the common signs of medical misdiagnoses, you can better advocate for your health.