Cosmetic surgery is just as real as any other kind of surgery. If wrongly performed, plastic surgery can cause serious health complications as well as emotional distress, plus added medical expenses to try and get it right the next time. That is why when you look for a Connecticut plastic surgeon, you should do all you can to make sure your surgeon is the right match.

A cosmetic surgery conveyor belt is something to watch out for. What if you were to enter the operation room and meet your surgeon on that same day? According to PR Newswire, some cosmetic surgery centers will assign the surgery to whoever is working on that day. The patient will not have interacted with the surgeon beforehand. However, you should be able to talk to your surgeon prior to the surgery and be comfortable with that surgeon operating on you.

To separate risky surgeons from reputable ones, pick a surgeon with a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification will be presented to surgeons who complete years of training in plastic surgery. Remember that many licensed physicians may call themselves cosmetic surgeons, but the American Board of Medical Specialties actually does not recognize this term. Dig deeper to find qualified plastic surgeons.

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery points out that surgeons do keep images of their previous work. This is a good chance for a patient to evaluate the surgeon’s past performance and determine if the surgeon would be able to fulfill his or her needs. A patient who needs an operation on the nose for example, could look at photos of other patients who have had the same or similar procedure.

People should also keep in mind that like any other surgery, cosmetic surgery is specialized. Operating on one area of the body, such as the ear, is different from performing surgery on an area of the chest. Each type of surgery requires handling different forms of body tissue. So if you want surgery on your nose, look for a surgeon that specializes in facial cosmetic surgery. Similarly, patients who need surgery on the chest should look for surgeons who understand how to operate on that part of the body.

The bottom line in picking your surgeon is whether you feel comfortable with your prospective cosmetic surgeon. Also remember that a cosmetic surgeon should be capable of handling any sudden emergencies that crop up during an operation. For these reasons, you should ask the surgeon any questions you may have and decide whether you trust the judgment of that person.