Winter is quickly approaching in Norwalk and every year we see a dramatic increase in the number of accidents on the roads. Whether you are driving in freezing rain, a heavy snowfall or bracing yourself for an icy commute, there is always something new to learn about staying safe on winter roads. Even veteran drivers can make mistakes that can lead to devastating crashes.

Whether you have been driving three or thirty years, here are some common causes of winter accidents and what you can do to stay safe this season.

Black ice

While ice, in general, can pose dangers to drivers, ice that is transparent can be particularly deadly. Black ice tends to appear when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

By keeping a close eye on your thermometer, you may be able to anticipate whether you will encounter black ice and stay vigilant for this unforeseen hazard. If you find yourself driving on black ice, it is important to stay calm and refrain from braking.

Old tires

If you can’t recall the last time you purchased new tires or it has been a few years, you may want to rethink getting behind the wheel. Bald tires can make stopping in snow difficult and getting out of snow even harder.

If you are unable to stop at a stoplight or end up stalling in the road, you are at greater risk of a collision. Purchasing new tires for added traction can be worth the investment to stay safe.

Low visibility

Nearly all of us have driven head-on into a winter storm with windshield wipers at full speed. Poor visibility, coupled with ice, can be a recipe for disaster.

If the snowfall is significant, your best bet can be waiting for it to die down before taking off. However, if it is necessary for you to drive, traveling slowly is key. In addition, turning your headlights from high beam to low beam can reduce the amount of light reflecting off the snow.

You may not be able to predict the actions of other drivers, but you can do your part to stay safe this winter if you remember these tips.