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Dealing with anxiety over your divorce

Ending a marriage can be hard, and this is particularly true for couples who have a significant amount of wealth or a number of kids. Even those who do not have any children and live more modestly may have a great deal of uncertainty and face various challenges as they work through the divorce process. However, there are ways that people can make their divorce easier, such as addressing negative emotions they are experiencing in a healthy manner. For example, if you have anxiety due to an upcoming divorce, or even if you are already in the midst of the process, there are ways you may be able to deal with these emotions.

Anxiety due to divorce is not uncommon, so you can rest assured knowing that you are not alone. First, it is important to look into some of the sources of your concern. For example, are you worried about the outcome of a dispute over child custody? Or, do you have concerns about the financial repercussions of ending your marriage? These are important questions and you may be able to give yourself peace of mind by carefully examining your options, laws that are relevant to your situation and more information on any family law topic that you are dealing with.

5 signs your doctor misdiagnosed your condition

Most medical professionals work diligently to treat patients. Because doctors are human, though, they often make mistakes. If you have not received proper care, you may need to act quickly to protect yourself.

Here are five signs your doctor may have misdiagnosed your medical condition. 

What are Connecticut's dog bite laws?

If a dog attacks you and causes you injury in Connecticut, the law is on your side. You should not have to worry about medical bills or other expenses coming from the incident. Furthermore, the trauma you suffered should not go unrecognized. You deserve damages, and the law assists with that by holding parties responsible and ensuring you have some recourse.

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, the dog owner holds the liability for any attack. You do not have to prove negligence on his or her behalf. In some cases, a landlord of a property where the incident occurred can also be liable. Of course, you are not completely without fault in some instances. If you were trespassing, abusing, teasing or otherwise instigating the dog, then you hold the liability, not the owner. The exception is if you are under the age of seven. In that case, the owner is liable regardless of the situation.

How are jury members chosen?

If you have a criminal accusation against you in Connecticut, you have the right to a jury trial. This right comes from the U.S. Constitution. You may choose between a bench trial, which is where a judge hears your case, or a jury trial, where a group of people from the community hears your case. In the bench trial, the judge makes the determination of guilt while in a jury trial, the jury makes that decision. If you choose a jury trial, the court must find people to sit on the jury.

According to the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch, there are four places the court pulls from to put together a list of jurors for your trial. Anyone who pays state income taxes or receives unemployment make up two of the pools. Any person who registers to vote also joins a jury pool. The last pool comes from a list of people who have a driver's license or state ID.

What are some mistakes in divorce?

Getting a divorce is never an easy process, but you may make things harder on yourself if you make mistakes along the way. While your attorney in Connecticut will be there to assist and guide you, there are some things out of your attorney's control that are left completely up to you. CNBC explains there are certain things you may control that you may do wrong, which could lead to trouble in your divorce.

One of those things is dipping into your retirement funds to pay for your living expenses or divorce-related expenses. You want to leave your retirement alone. Besides costly fees, you need this money down the road to live, so using it now is a bad choice.

Choosing the right cosmetic surgeon

Cosmetic surgery is just as real as any other kind of surgery. If wrongly performed, plastic surgery can cause serious health complications as well as emotional distress, plus added medical expenses to try and get it right the next time. That is why when you look for a Connecticut plastic surgeon, you should do all you can to make sure your surgeon is the right match.

A cosmetic surgery conveyor belt is something to watch out for. What if you were to enter the operation room and meet your surgeon on that same day? According to PR Newswire, some cosmetic surgery centers will assign the surgery to whoever is working on that day. The patient will not have interacted with the surgeon beforehand. However, you should be able to talk to your surgeon prior to the surgery and be comfortable with that surgeon operating on you.

Did the circadian rhythm affect the trucker who hit you?

The circadian rhythm, the wake-sleep cycle that goes on each night and day in the human body, affects everyone.

The problem for a trucker is that inadequate sleep may result in a lull in the circadian rhythm that could endanger not only the driver but everyone in the vicinity of the big rig, including you.

How can you better understand your prescription medication?

If you have had to visit your health care provider in Connecticut to get help managing symptoms that have been causing you discomfort, you may have been prescribed some type of medication to facilitate your healing. The success of the treatment that your doctor has recommended will be dependent on your ability to take your medication the correct way. 

Understanding how your prescription medication works, what symptoms it should help alleviate, side effects to be aware of, general dosage amounts and other information is imperative to your ability to protect your safety and wellbeing while taking your medication. 

What should I know about informed consent?

Perhaps the most important right of a patient is to be able to make his or her own choices regarding medical treatment. This right is part of the concept of informed consent. If you are to make the best decisions concerning your health, your Connecticut physician should give you all the information you need so you can make those choices.

As emedicinehealth.com explains, informed consent occurs when a doctor provides information about a medical treatment to a patient, coupled with the statement that the patient can give voluntary consent or deny it and refuse the treatment. This same standard also applies to many medical tests, although for a large number of doctor-patient interactions like physical exams, consent is considered implied and does not need to be formally given.

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