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About The Law Office Of Harris, Harris & Schmid

Cases are won and lost based on a number of factors: the facts and evidence surrounding the case, the law that applies to those facts and the level of preparation that goes into the case. Just as important, however, are experience and a keen understanding of human nature.

At Harris, Harris & Schmid, we have over 60 years of experience and — based on our daily work with clients, opposing attorneys, experts, judges and others — a good understanding of human nature and how people operate. Our goal is to work together to reach a favorable resolution to your case.

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A Tailored Experience

Just because your case falls into a specific legal category — personal injury, family law, divorce, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, wrongful death — does not mean it is the same as all other cases in that category. That is why the attorneys at Harris, Harris & Schmid will customize our approach to your case and develop the strategy tailored to your case.

Some cases settle out of court, others need to be litigated. With our years of experience both in and out of the courtroom, we can do what it takes to get you the results you deserve.

Committed To The Community And Your Case

As part of the Norwalk community, we understand more than just your case. We understand where you come from. The lawyers and staff at Harris, Harris & Schmid are deeply involved in our community, enjoying everything from historic preservation, PTO organizations, animal rights organizations, family support groups, school organizations and more.

Dealing with a legal issue can feel overwhelming and complicated. At Harris, Harris & Schmid, we are ready and willing to listen — we won’t judge, but will instead provide sound advice and counsel.

Contact us online or call 203-822-7006 today for a free consultation. We proudly represent individuals and businesses throughout Connecticut. Initial consultations are free and we’re happy to meet with you at our main office in Norwalk or one of our satellite offices in Stamford, Bridgeport or New Haven. We are devoted to representing you in your legal matters with skill, care and respect.

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